Itís no secret that Y O G A reduces stress, improves flexibility and increases spiritual awareness; but the practice can do a lot more than help you find inner peace and strike a pose. These surprising 3 benefits will have you making boss type decisions in the office, feeliní yourself like Beyonce; and making healthier food choices.
Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves your performance at work. Consistent Yoga practice provides a sense of clarity that enables razor sharp mental focus and gives you the ability to think more clearly. It improves concentration, memory, creativity and decision-making. Your reaction time and ability to problem solve increases. Translation -you will be thinking like a boss in the workplace!

Consistent Yoga practice can also help in increasing your self-confidence. Regular practice forces you to self-examine and learn how to tap into your feelings of gratitude, patience and forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and most importantly, forgiveness of yourself. As your body transforms and you grow stronger physically, your mental strength increases. It is this inner and mental strength; and the self-discovery process that happens through yoga that will have you believing in yourself in a way that you never imagined.

Studies also show that regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating, an awareness of physical and emotional sensations associated with eating. Consistent yoga practice strengthens the connection between mind and body. You become more aware of what you put into your body and how it affects you. The awareness can also help you tune in to emotions that are attached to certain cravings. It is this heightened sense of awareness that enables you to make healthier eating choices.