Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2015, UZIMA is the premiere online destination for stylish activewear that makes a fashion statement. Each and every item is hand-picked by our tastemaker from the hottest luxury activewear designers and lifestyle brands across the globe.

Inspired by the fashion forward woman, Uzima is dedicated to providing high-quality, stylish, functional activewear that can be worn before, during or after a workout; or even on a day where a woman is simply feeling inspired, confident, and sporty.

Our mission, to inspire women to design the life they want, embrace an active lifestyle and fall in love with the possibility of their dreams. Our goal, to provide fitness apparel that looks good and feels good…because when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good anything and we do mean anything is possible.
Uzima is the brainchild of active mom of three, wife, successful real estate agent and self-proclaimed fashionista and fitness enthusiast, Erica Lockhart. After her mother’s second diagnosis of Cancer, Erica was determined to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Spending more and more time in the gym and tired of going from store to store on the hunt for fashionable activewear, Erica realized that there was no major retailer that provided a variety of stylish activewear brands. And just like that Uzima was born. Well, not really just like that; it took a lot of blood, sweat, determination, hard work and even tears, but Erica seized the opportunity to launch an online retail boutique where women could shop the hottest activewear looks based on new trends, designers and activity.

So, What's in a Name? Originating from Swahili, UZIMA, is synonymous with life, vitality, wholeness, fitness and health. The name UZIMA represents the complete essence and fabric of Erica's vision for her lifestyle company.